Sunday, September 19, 2021

September 19--Impossible? Ain't No Such Thing!

Every noble work is at first impossible.  --Thomas Carlyle 

    Forrest Yoga teacher training in 2011--28 days straight, 12-14 hours a day, 600 miles from home. It very quickly registered in me as impossible. Fortunately, I spoke with an assistant teacher about my difficulties, and she helped me in assorted ways. I completed the training, albeit chanting to myself non-stop, "one minute closer to home." I have been teaching ever since, a very rewarding part of my life. 
    I remember when I started doing tax preparation work back in 2016. Even though I'm a math and computer nerd, there was one very important aspect of the process that I just couldn't seem to get. But I kept after it. As so often happens, there was that unexpected moment of "Oh! I get it now!" The process became considerably less mystifying after that, and I became a lot more productive.
    What could be more satisfying than accomplishing the "impossible"? We do it our whole lives, starting off with learning how to move from here to there. Conquering life's challenges makes it so much fun to be here! Remember how Lassie always found a way to rescue Timmy?!?!!?

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