Wednesday, June 28, 2023

June 28--Imperfect Love

Most of the time, all you have is the moment and the imperfect love of the people around you.  --Anne Lamott

    The first time I read this quote, I cried. I realized that I have been expecting perfect love from folks who are not capable of measuring up to my standards of love, and I cannot expect that of them. A wise friend said, "You just have to take what they give you." Enjoy the brief moments and imperfect love when offered, and move on with life otherwise. 
    The ability to love is hampered by trauma, addiction, busyness, resentment--the list is endless. No one gets through this life unscathed. Unconditional love is a fine ideal, but few can manage it consistently. Being a parent certainly shines a spotlight on ways our love is imperfect. (And once the children are old enough, they will most definitely bring it to a parent's attention.) 
    Let us continue to spread love as best we can,

Pets can be our example of perfect love.
This is Barney focused on a bunny.

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