Sunday, June 11, 2023

June 11--Faster Than I Thought

The more you look, the more you see.  --Robert M. Pirsig

    My gal pals and I went on a 2.5-mile walk yesterday morning, feeling the need to move. Along the way we saw plenty of lovely flowers (see below). Alas, the traffic noise eventually got to me, and I retreated to the condo for breakfast. 
    We headed to the beach, parked the umbrella and chairs, and proceeded to enjoy the scenery, both human and natural. At one point I decided to stretch out on the blanket in the sun, lying on my belly facing away from the ocean. We had discussed the fact that the tide was coming in. I was looking at my niece because she was talking, and suddenly she yelled, "Here it comes!" I jumped up, the wave missed me, but soaked the blanket and hit any of our stuff that was resting on the sand. We collected our belongings and moved to higher ground. We were not the only ones this happened to, and there was no harm done. And I did not know I could get up off the ground that quickly!! 😉😉
    After beach time, we showered, played more Rummikub and made evening plans. We went out for pizza and beers. The pizza place is about 50 yards away from the edible cookie dough store. (I discovered that place last summer and knew then that I had "died and gone to heaven!") A stop there is a must. We returned to the condo for more game-playing. I also fiddled with the TV/sign-on and got us hooked up to Apple TV for a few episodes of "Ted Lasso."
    Another day in paradise!

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