Sunday, March 5, 2023

March 5--Friends Are Saviors

Best friend, my well-spring in the wilderness!  --George Eliot

    While I realize that family members can be friends, my family members are all far away, and thus I am very dependent on my local family of friends. Many a time a friend has lovingly held me during a meltdown, listened to me whine, and allowed me to do the same for them. Having just completed a fabulous vacation with friends, I am feeling especially grateful for the love and joy we share. 
    There are a few friends in my collection that I see only every few months. It is such a joy to get together and catch up like hardly any time has passed. I have almost daily contact with some other friends.
    I think it is vitally important to talk deeply and regularly with someone who is not living inside my head--it can be scary there. Friends are gracious listeners, and I treasure the opportunity to do the same for them.
    Friends are FUN!!
A best friend of MANY years!

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