Thursday, March 2, 2023

March 2--Extreme Good Fortune

You meet your friend, 
Your face brightens--
you have struck gold. 

    Let's talk a bit about the blessing of having one or more good traveling companions. My friend and I have been traveling together for years because neither of our husbands have been interested in going where we want to go. We've been to Phoenix, Mexico, Italy, Scotland, Ireland, eastern Canada, Niagara Falls, the Pacific Northwest, Vancouver, Bahamas, Wyoming, Colorado, Florida, and most recently, Savannah. After all this concentrated time together, we still like and love each other. This is even after we drove home from Colorado in July in my car with a broken air conditioner (that was bad!). We were able to golf three times on this current trip, and that's a bonus for us.
    We made it to Pine Bluff, Arkansas, yesterday in the late afternoon before the thunderstorms rolled through.  
    Today, HOME!!!

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