Saturday, March 4, 2023

March 4--Heart Check

Some people need a red carpet rolled out in front of them in order to walk forward into friendship. They can't see the tiny outstretched hands all around them, everywhere, like leaves on trees.  --Miranda July

    This seems to me to be a question of whether or not one sees the Universe as a friendly place. Expectations of good and friendliness have certainly led me to a rich conglomeration of good buds. I cherish those times and friends where we initially meet and soon recognize that we have known each other before. 
    Friendship is a heart thing. We know in our hearts those to cherish and those to let pass on by. I found this great quote relative to centering in the heart:
The monks Callistus and Ignatius taught: "Collect your mind from its customary circling and wandering outside, and quietly lead it into the heart by way of breathing." (Richard Rohr's Daily Mediation, 2/27/2023)
    What a gentle, easy way to bring oneself into a contemplative state! 
    MARCHing 4th into Saturday,

Florida azaleas

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