Monday, March 13, 2023

March 13--Monday Again Already!?!?!

Love is like the wild-rose briar,
Friendship like the holly-tree--
The holly is dark when the rose-briar blooms,
But which will bloom most constantly?
--Emily Bronte

    Ms. Bronte is a very fine poet, but like so much of poetry, I don't get this bit. Alas, about the only poetry I do understand is the limerick. Even being a gardener, I don't get this botanically. Some days I am simply OK with being dense. 😉😉 
    So I move on... I am back part-time at tax prep work. In previous years, I worked with the owner and one other person, and despite the stress, we had FUN. We laughed a lot, we cussed, we made fun of ourselves, we celebrated our successes. We enjoyed interacting with (most of) the clients. The owner sold the business and my co-worker and I thought we were finished with tax work forever, woohoo!
    This year the new owner begged me for help through the transition, and I agreed to work ~20 hours per week. Despite having a "corner office with a window," this year is not fun. It's a bigger staff, and the increase in workload due to combining two businesses has everyone stressed to the max. I must keep reminding myself that the income from this gig buys me another trip, the only reason I agreed to work in the first place. I'm really glad I committed to work a limited number of hours. The situation has been quite informative.
    April 18 can't come soon enough, for many reasons!

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