Wednesday, March 1, 2023

March 1--Friendship Overflowing

Good friends, good books and a sleepy conscience; this is the ideal life. 
--Mark Twain

    FRIENDSHIP is the theme for March. I'm not sure what Mr. Twain means by a "sleepy conscience." I'll be pondering that one for a bit. 
    I'm all over "good friends." The vacation of the past two weeks has been blessed and huge fun with four girlfriends roaming Florida and Georgia, exploring, eating, shopping, relaxing, and game-playing. We've discussed making this at least an annual event, as we are already missing each other and our fun times together. Our Florida hostesses have spoiled us. This trip has done a superb job of chasing away February!
    "Good books"... we spent at least a half-hour of pool hanging time yesterday afternoon talking about authors and books we love. What would life be without books to read!?!?
    We played our third round of golf yesterday at an easy yet interesting course in Panama City Beach. Knowing that it is quite cold at home made it all the more enjoyable. 
    Our destination this evening is Pine Bluff, Arkansas. 

We were glad we did not have
to hit over that pond!

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