Saturday, December 31, 2022

December 31--Happy to Leave 2022

The first and fundamental law of nature is to seek out peace and follow it. 
--Thomas Hobbes

    Heading into the new year, I like to review and thank the previous year. Or in this case, say "Good riddance!"
    You may wonder if I simply remember all this stuff. Actually, it comes from a review of my Win List. That's a daily note of all the good/blessings/joys in my life. Writing my Win List is part of my daily spiritual practice. Here are the 2022 items of note...

==Completed my seventh year of tax prep work.
==Taught MELT and yoga classes at the Clearwater Wellness Center and via Zoom throughout the year. One of my regulars passed away in June when I was on vacation--quite a shock to lose a student so suddenly.

==Son Derek and his wife Caila made me Grammie--Luca John Ember Hardin was born August 16, 2022.
==My husband and I celebrated our 36th anniversary in April.
==Sister-in-law Susan passed away suddenly and unexpectedly in September. I am blessed to have her (3-box) yarn collection to keep me busy thru the winter months.
==My niece and her son stopped to visit on their drive back to Ohio from Arizona. That was the first family to visit us here in decades.
==My brother moved into assisted living in October, a much safer place for him to be.
==This was the first Christmas since our sons were born that we were not together on Christmas day. I knew this would happen eventually, but that did not make it any easier.

==There were several visits to Colorado including my favorite activity--golfing with my sons.
==I added the Diamondbacks stadium to my MLB quest in May with a quick trip to Phoenix.
==I put a lot of miles on our new RAV4. In June I drove to Ocean City, Maryland for a week at the beach with my niece and her son. Then I drove south, and on three consecutive nights went to MLB games in Atlanta, Tampa, and Miami. It was a bit crazy, but I've now made it to 28 of 30 teams.
==I made an unplanned trip to Ohio in early October for my s-i-l's service.
==Then I headed back east to the Philadelphia area at the end of October for a great-niece's wedding. Afterwards, I drove through the area of PA where I grew up and hiked my favorite spot on earth--Alan Seeger Natural Area in central PA. Saw my "best friend since jr high" too.
==I enjoyed in early December another fabulous 11 days of relaxation with friends at the Couples Swept Away resort in Jamaica.

==Completed my 25th consecutive year of swimming over 100 miles.
==I came home from the October-PA-wedding trip with the bizarre illness that is Covid, but fortunately I recovered quickly, and no one I was around contracted it.

==Barney kept us moving with twice-daily walks. He makes us laugh and his goofy antics never get old.

==My husband took on the huge project of rebuilding our deck, tearing down the old wooden one and building a larger one with composite "lumber" and aluminum railings. There are also programmable built-in lights. VERY cool and SUPER sturdy.

Let's go, 2023!!!!

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