Saturday, December 10, 2022

December 10--Party On

After a storm comes a calm.  --Proverb

    I hope this doesn't jinx us, but we've hardly even seen clouds, much less had any rain or storm during our time here so far. 
    The big event of yesterday (Friday) was the Reggae Beach Party. It is an amazing effort. Starting mid-afternoon, they take an empty section of beach and turn it into a buffet restaurant. They put up giant poles and string lights, and add smaller poles with tiki torches. They set up at least 50 tables with eight chairs each, along with a stage for the band. There is a huge buffet spread of food and two full bars. There's specialty lighting. Our seating was once again about 20 feet from the ocean. It is such a treat to bury one's feet in the cool, fine-grain sand. And the whole production is all quickly and quietly gone--our room is very close to the party site, and I heard very little disassembly noise. 
    Another day begins with another swim, 

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