Friday, December 30, 2022

December 30--Sometimes I Disagree

Like water, we are truest to our nature in repose.   --Cyril Connolly

    My brain is not getting this one. While the idea of still water is a peaceful one ("He leadeth me beside the still waters"), how many perfectly calm bodies of water have you ever seen? Rivers flow, ocean waves crash on the shore, winds ripple the lakes, there are usually critters in there stirring things up. Maybe a small mud puddle could be totally still. 
    I think our true nature is in repose when we are not in human form. That's heavenly. But when we are here on Mother Earth, we are designed to move. I think of my new grandson--he is all about movement--that's what babies are designed for. Most recently he's learned to roll over. Comically, having spent his whole life so far positioned on his back, he does NOT like being face-down. Once he figures out that it is essential to crawling, he'll be good with it. We are designed to move from day one, and that's a good thing. 
My dog friends have the "repose" thing nailed.

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