Sunday, December 4, 2022

December 4--Grateful for Perfect Water Temperatures!

Out of clutter, find simplicity.  --John Archibald Wheeler

    There was a lot of "clutter" around as I was packing for this trip. I stuffed my large suitcase and still came in under 50 pounds. I believe I have everything I need for a simple 11 days in paradise. 
    Yesterday, after a morning lap swim and smoothie at the fitness center juice bar, it was off to the beach. The day went like this: float in the water--read in the shade--lie in the sun--REPEAT. There was a snack somewhere in there, a trip back to the condo for forgotten items, and a couple trips to the bar. Busy, huh?!!?
    Saturday is lobster tail night here, so that was our dinner treat. We had a live band serenading us. Bands here love to play "Sweet Caroline" and get the diners to sing. I'll bet I hear that at least a half-dozen times when I'm here. It's become musical torture for me. 
    We watched the sunset, and I got the most beautiful beach photo, post-sunset. See below. 
    Time to swim!

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