Tuesday, December 6, 2022

December 6--A New Taste Treat

Only in peace do we have joy. Not by acquiring things, not by doing things, not by earning or learning, but by dedication.  --Swami Satchidananda

    It's pretty peaceful here, and I'm feeling a lot of joy. 
    Yesterday's highlights... I did the usual 24-lap swim, and hung out on the beach. Mid-afternoon a friend and I went across the road to the fitness center for water aerobics. A half-hour of that kicked my butt. (Though I must say I'm not sore this morning from it.) In the evening the resort held the "private" dinner for returning guests. The feature was surf & turf, which I declined in favor of spinach and eggplant lasagna. It was good, really just a big pile of veggies with cheese. The highlight of the meal was dessert--hot cheesecake. It was flavored with the very hot Scotchbonnet peppers, quite an unusual flavor and SO delicious. A bit of nighttime "relaxing" on the beach made for a lovely night's sleep. 
    Time to swim,
After sunset

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