Monday, December 19, 2022

December 19--Enough Time

There is time for everything.  --Thomas Edison

    It has taken me a lot of years to embody this truth. I have been a dedicated list maker, and I like to get stuff done. Whether or not they are constructive, we all operate on our own priorities as to how we use the time we have. 
    Enough time is a topic that comes up in my coaching work. Fear of not enough time is a self-fulfilling situation, in that so much time and energy are wasted over angst about time. If you are continually telling yourself that you don't have enough time, that will be your ongoing manifested result. 
    Time is a human invention. We create it, and we can create as much as we want. (Read about "Einstein time" in The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks.) When I feel rushed (rare these days), I remind myself that I am creating time, and I have plenty of it. 
    Let's look at procrastination. Is there really such a thing? We tend to beat up on ourselves for procrastinating, but we put things off for a reason. We tend to judge that reason as good, like taking time to make a good decision, or as bad, i.e., delaying because of laziness, fear, indecision, or inadequacy. Could it prove useful to consider "procrastination" as a call to examine one's priorities? 

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