Friday, December 9, 2022

December 9--Sea Beauty

It is in the shelter of each other that people live.  --Irish Proverb

    We have a lovely group of six folks on this Jamaica trip, and we have all blended well with each other. We go our separate ways for assorted activities, but hang on the beach, check out the sunset, and eat dinner together. We enjoy the "shelter" of each other's company. 
    Yesterday started with a walk on the beach, followed by a glass-bottom boat ride. The boat motored out to a reef where we saw assorted fish and starfish. Our guide dove in and brought up a starfish for us to pass around, keeping it upside down to hold the water intact to keep it alive. (Photo below.)
    We lazed away another sunny beach day, enjoyed the sunset, then had martinis while awaiting our reservation at Lemongrass, the Asian restaurant here. It was our best meal so far, capped off with excellent Pad Thai. 
    Time to swim,
It is spiny, but the spines are rounded, not sharp.
The shell is quite hard. Beautiful!!


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