Sunday, October 9, 2022

October 9--Astonishing!

You must not pity me because my sixtieth year finds me still astonished. To be astonished is one of the surest ways of not growing old too quickly.  --Colette

    Every photo I received of my new grandson astonishes me, even at 66. He's a perfect, growing, smiling, cooing, bright-eyed spiritual being in a sweet new body. He's a miracle creation, a whole new human from two cells in a mere nine months. If that process doesn't astonish you, maybe you are growing old?!!? 😉
    Another astonishment in my life is our dog, Barney. His goofiness is a continuous delight. Halloween decorations are starting to appear outside homes. Barney has been known to bark furiously at a pumpkin. We saw yesterday a yard decorated with random fake body parts and bloody dolls. Barney sniffed at a couple things and decided that giving them a wide berth was his best strategy. 
    Lastly I'll give a nod to the magnificent beauty of Mother Earth. There's no end to the astonishment our Mother can create, from the most serene sunrise to the most violent hurricane. She provides our every need, worth pondering and appreciating. 

Kansas sunrise

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