Monday, October 24, 2022

October 24--Simplicity

It is always the simple that produces the marvelous.  --Amelia Barr

    I used to work with a person whose philosophy of life could be summed up this way: why do anything simply when we can over-complicate it? The filing system this person used was maddening. 
    I think a lot about keeping things simple. I took on a golf league treasurer position two years ago. For that I was given a whole bunch of spreadsheets to maintain in order to keep track of income and expenses and create reports. Being the bookkeeper I am, I moved all the information into Quicken, and now the job is so simple and easy. Quicken does the work for me. 
    I like to keep things simple in terms of "stuff," too. Less is more! I've become ever more conscious of not bringing more stuff into the house that I will one day have to dispose of. I have to REALLY like something to want to add it to my stuff collection. I'm even reluctant to start any new hobbies because it would require more accessorizing with stuff. 
    Experiences--that is what I prefer to collect. Simple adventures are always marvelous!
    My mother used to say, "Give a lazy person a hard job, and he/she will find an easier way to do it." That's marvelous advice that I've taken to heart personally!

Wildflowers along an Ohio Hike-Bike Trail

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