Wednesday, October 19, 2022

October 19--A Very Influential Life

There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so. 
--William Shakespeare

It is time to offer my tribute to my recently-transitioned sister-in-law, Sue.

    Both my brothers had excellent taste in women. I'm not so sure about Sue's and Mary Ellen's taste in men, but I'm glad they both said YES! And both sets had many good years together. Maybe it was Sue's life-long sexy legs that attracted Arlie???
    Sue made the best spaghetti & meatballs on the planet. She was a great cook. Mealtimes with Sue were so much fun. Her infectious laughter was always present. 
    In preparation for the memorial service, we looked at lots of family photos. Though I have no recollection of it, I was the flower girl in her wedding to Arlie. What an honor! As it turns out, that was the only wedding I was ever in. 
    Sue was always willing to listen--we had many a good and meaningful conversation. We both had some pretty challenging family issues in our backgrounds, so that we had some experiences in common there. We also had common recovery experience.
    Sue and I shared a love for gardening and sewing. She served multiple causes with her sewing and knitting skills, determined to be useful and helpful even when she wasn't feeling well. We enjoyed many hours sitting in her garden by the lovely water feature she maintained.
    What a dog lover she was! I know it tore out a piece of her heart to part with Shadoe. I always enjoyed a good "doggie fix" when visiting.
    Beach trips were so much fun with Sue. I would not have the love of the beach that I do without Sue and her love for it.
    She stuck it out through what I know were some rough years with Arlie. She was a military wife. She went through Arlie's two tours in Viet Nam. Once I became a wife and mom myself, I had a new awe for her fortitude, both physical and emotional. She was a single parent with a husband in constant danger as an Army Ranger. She was one STRONG woman.
    Sue gave me a niece and two nephews whom I dearly love. She was a great mom and taught me a lot about mothering and grand-mothering. Since my mom died when I was 23, Sue and Mary Ellen (my other late s-i-l) were like mothers to me. She was so excited about me becoming "Grammie" for the first time this past August.
    My husband said, "It's so sad that she spent so many years in pain." Mercifully, that's over now. Sue, we miss you, love you, and know you are in bliss and at peace. 
    I can hear her joyful laugh right now.
    C. S. Lewis once said " To know the grief now is because we knew the love then."
    Sue, our love for you and your love for us will never die. Thank you!


The "girls" on a pedicure adventure...
Sue is on the left.

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