Thursday, October 1, 2020

October 1--Hallelujah, October at Last!!!

To lie still and think little is the cheapest medicine for all diseases of the soul. 
--Friedrich Nietzsche

    I suppose one could think of lying still and thinking little as meditation. Meditation teachers would probably say that meditation is a lot more complicated than that, but isn't the goal to be still and quiet the mind? Meditation is certainly being proven to be a valuable wellness tool. 
    To lie still and think little is easy, right? Not so much. The savasana position of rest at the end of a yoga practice is designed for stillness--to get into a comfortable position and not move at all for several minutes. I've learned over many hundreds of hours of yoga teaching that this is quite a challenge. It is rare for someone to remain completely still. There's fidgeting, fingers or toes move, an itch needs to be scratched. We are busy people, used to movement. 
    The even greater challenge is to think little. If I could pay money and have my thoughts turned off, I would be broke. My active imagination clashes mightily with my desire to clear my head. Concerns, aggravations and to-do lists demand attention. Like all of life, lying still and thinking little are practices. We have some good days and some fidgety days.
    I can lie still and think little much better when I am on a beach, 

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