Tuesday, October 20, 2020

October 20--Tranquility in Me

When we are unable to find tranquility within ourselves, it is useless to seek it elsewhere. --La Rochefoucauld

    Today's quote is accompanied by a "snowy countryside in winter" photo. The silence and freshness of a new-fallen snow is the epitome of tranquility to me. 
    I have been working for the past several months with the Holosync personal growth technology. One of the concepts integral to the Holosync program is that each of us has a threshold of what we can handle, i.e. a level up to which we are able to maintain our inner tranquility. When something pushes us over that threshold, we seek means to cope, which can be healthy or unhealthy. Holosync notes that if there was a lot of trauma, upheaval or distress in our developmental years, that tends to make for a lower personal threshold. The Holosync technology works with brain waves to raise an individual's threshold. 
    In hindsight, I see this played out in my own life. Being raised by addicts, along with a nasty older brother, my threshold was low, and my means of coping became an eating disorder. Decades of 12-Step work have enabled to me to raise my threshold. Holosync has enabled me to raise it even higher, and much, much faster. It's fascinating. The process is not all "roses and chocolates" however. Pushing the threshold can cause a lot of crap, one's shadows, to the surface. Thus over the past few months, I've faced and released some long-held stuff that has never served me. It is worth the effort. 
    Today's quote hits home. If I'm within my threshold, nothing bothers me. If I'm pushed beyond it, everything bothers me. My life depends on constructive use of my threshold, and so, you can see the value of raising that threshold. It's a totally inside job. Ultimately, for that I am grateful, for it puts the power within me, not "elsewhere." 
    Ponder that idea of your threshold--it's quite fascinating. 


The silence of the Creator is thunderous,
Drowning out everything else,
And hiding in endless creativity.
—Thomas Keating, “Out of a Stone”

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