Thursday, October 22, 2020

October 22--Stillness Inside

In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you. 
--Deepak Chopra

    In what ways does "stillness" show up for me? How do I keep it inside of me? This blog is a good start. I love my morning time spent on spiritual readings, prayer, drinking coffee, and writing. I love having a new quote each day to ponder relative to my life. My days are much calmer when I begin them in this manner. 
    Stillness shows up in my complete adoration of our dog, Barney. His peaceful, loving nature always pulls me back to stillness, where joy, faith and hope are restored in me. He's just being a dog, true to his nature, and I can just be Leta, true to my nature. Sticking with that thought sloughs off a lot of chaos. 
    I can easily recall times in my life when there was much movement and chaos and very little stillness. Mired in addictive behavior, gossip and blame, there was no stillness. Pulling myself out of those losing strategies required self-discipline and consistent daily practice. Those brought stillness back into my life, along with a much greater appreciation of how good it feels to live in integrity. 
    Creating is another source of stillness, whether it be painting, crocheting or assembling a puzzle. It's easy to allow myself to be "swallowed" by the process, losing track of time, coming out on the other side refreshed by the stillness. That's true for a lap swim and a round of golf, too. 
    How do you maintain stillness inside of you? 

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