Sunday, October 4, 2020

October 4--Appreciation

Rest and be thankful. --William Wordsworth

    These two activities go together well. I always enjoy rest. I am especially fond of practicing my #1 consistent hobby of napping. I am glad that I am not the sort of person that has to be doing something every minute. I believe busyness can easily become an addiction, and folks tend to throw around "I'm so busy" as a measure of their worth.
    To be truly thankful takes at least a momentary break in the action for present-moment awareness. Thankful for what? We have to stop and think about that in a rest break, even if it is ever so brief. Right now I am thankful for my family, home, dog, health, and coffee. Writing is restful for me and I am thankful for this ability. Settling myself on my backyard swing is an intentional time to rest and be thankful. 
    Let us be peaceful,

The frame--some assembly required--
I did it myself!

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