Friday, October 16, 2020

October 16--Happy Joy!

A happy life must be to a great extent a quiet life--for it is only in an atmosphere of quiet that true joy can live.  --Bertrand Russell 

    I'm home! I passed all the physical therapy tests--walking with the walker, stairs with a cane, post-surgery leg strengthening exercises (like squeezing your butt cheeks ten times every hour, who knew?!!?). There was a final doctor check-in to confirm I am peeing and passing gas. I did not know going into this that farting would be such an important ability 😉😉 And then there were the final paperwork and at-home instructions. My husband (Dennis) picked me up in the pickup and I was home yesterday by 1:30 pm. Our dog Barney and I were ecstatic to see each other--lots of slobbery kisses. 
    I'm settling into that quiet life that Russell references, to recover and integrate the hunks of titanium and plastic into my body. I am so joyful to be home, enjoying at this moment my husband's excellent skills at coffee making. Last night, he cleared the vehicles from the garage, set up a card table with tablecloth, and served me supper out there, to enjoy the fresh air of a glorious fall evening. It was so sweet, and so wonderful to breathe fresh air after being cooped up in a hospital. True joy is being so well cared for by a man I love so dearly! 
    I'm delighted to say that other than the swelling of my operated leg, I am in no more pain than I was before surgery. I was in great shape going into the surgery, so I'm holding the expectation that I'll recover quickly. Patience is the key for me now. 
    So glad to be "on the other side" of surgery,

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