Friday, October 2, 2020

October 2--Sometimes Ya Just Gotta Vent

Nothing can bring you peace but yourself.  --Ralph Waldo Emerson

    It's not yet 6am, and I've been awake for quite a while. It seems my path to peace this morning will be via a rant. This is more in the saga of the upcoming hip replacement surgery. 
    I went to my primary doctor yesterday for the pre-surgery physical. My previous doctor had retired and this was my first time to see Dr. B. He's quite young and very pleasant. All the assorted tests were appearing to go along just fine until the word "Abnormal" printed out on my EKG (heart test). 
    I'll offer some background. I believe our health care system is completely broken. A doctor's primary concerns are keeping insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and lawyers (malpractice) happy. The patient is dead-last on the totem pole. 
    So you can imagine the freakage caused by the word "Abnormal." Dr. B even said that the printout looked like a perfectly good heart rhythm, and he could not explain why it said "Abnormal." He said I would have to see a cardiologist. By some miracle of doctor-to-doctor pull, I have an appointment for this coming Tuesday afternoon. Mind you, I swim several miles a week, teach yoga, play golf, walk my dog Barney, and have no heart-related symptoms of concern. This is a giant exercise in covering a multitude of asses. 
    Just when I was starting to get a little bit comfortable with having the hip replacement, this all happened. I feel abused at this point. 
    Will 2020 NEVER end?!?!?

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