Sunday, October 11, 2020

October 11--Inner Creates Outer

There is no way to peace; peace is the way.  --A. J. Muste

    We cannot be at peace in the macrocosm until we are at peace in the microcosm, not until me, you, them, everyone, at least to some tipping point, is at peace within. We cannot be at peace until we take responsibility for our state of mind and stop blaming others or outside events. This is no small challenge with the mess we've made of our country. Any newscast or news story will show boldly the lack of inner peace. 
    Humanity has come a long way, and I have great faith in our ability to continue to improve. At some point, enough people realized that burning "witches" at the stake was inappropriate, and it stopped. At some point, enough people realized that slavery was inappropriate, and it was abolished. Though it seems sometimes painfully slow, we are having similar realizations regarding abuse of children and women, racism, even war. Though it feels right now like we've taken a huge step backward, I continually remind myself that this is old energy dying kicking and screaming. It is ugly to witness, but we will get through it. Letting a bit of my cynicism show through, I am comforted that the corrupt, old, white men that seem to be the primary instigators of current trouble will die eventually. 
    I believe people are generally peaceful. We want our families to be safe, well cared for, healthy and educated. Being at peace within is the way to being able to work peacefully with others to create a world that works for all. Being a vessel of peace is our most important individual duty right now. 
    Peace IS the way,

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