Thursday, July 27, 2023

July 27--Losing Patience with the Heat

Patience is also a form of action.  --Auguste Rodin

    "Hurry up and wait." Annoying though it can be, sometimes we just have to wait for things to develop. I find that there is significantly more in life that I cannot control, rather than the limited amount that I can control. This leads to "let go and let God"--taking the action of surrender and waiting patiently to see what good is in store. 
    Yesterday was another difficult day of golf. Despite starting at 8:30, it was too hot and sunny with very little breeze. I made it through with drinks, cold towels, and bits of shade, but I played terribly. It simply was not fun. The others will likely play one more time, but I'm not sure if I will. 
    The highlights of my day were two phone calls. One was from my brother, who is recovering from a minor but uncomfortable illness. I had sent him photos of my grandson, and he raved about those. The other call was a lengthy catch-up chat with my niece (the aforementioned brother's daughter). We talked about our travels, our kids and potential future visits. I am interested in spending more time with her dad, and she is all in for that idea. The two live about three miles apart in northeast Ohio. We shall see what develops. 
    I am good for now using patience as my form of action. 

It sure feels closer than 
93 million miles!!!

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