Wednesday, July 12, 2023

July 12--Ease Up

Patience is needed with everyone, but first of all with ourselves. 
--St. Francis de Sales

    How can we have patience with anyone else if we don't first have it with ourselves? If we are expecting too much of ourselves, it is quite likely we are doing that to others. This generally does not make for good relationships. 
    I used to do many things that I don't do anymore. I used to build things like bird (actually squirrel) feeders. I don't care to mess with power tools anymore. I have painted the entire inside of our house twice. I don't care to paint walls anymore. I am being more patient with my aging body and not forcing it to do things that others can do for me. There is that nasty voice in my head full of "should," but I'm learning to patiently ignore it. 
    Gardening has been a huge teacher of patience for me. Due to having a large tree removed from our yard, I am able once again to grow tomatoes. Below is the first bounty. There is a BLT in my future!
Nature's patient creation

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