Sunday, July 16, 2023

July 16--Sweet Finish

Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.  --Jean-Jacques Rousseau

    Being an organized person and a (former) card-carrying control freak, I like to get stuff done. You know the type--write things on the to-do list so that they can be immediately crossed off. I want to give my hobby of painting credit for teaching me patience. The completed project shown below, "Unparalleled," took me about a month (and lots of Green Frog tape). Yes, I have done paintings in shorter time periods, but having the patience to watch a painting develop over time is truly sweet. 
    Here is the scoop on this painting. There are five different colors. There is an odd number of spots of each color, though the numbers differ. Every block of color has four sides and no sides are parallel--they are all just quadrilaterals. I guess this is a testament to the fact that geometry was my favorite subject in high school (can you say nerd?). 
    In living color, 
"Unparalleled" by Leta Renee Miller,
July 2023

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