Tuesday, July 25, 2023

July 25--Our Precious Water

Drop by drop is the pitcher filled.  --Buddha

    Being in the high desert, my mind goes with this quote to water. Yesterday we visited Schoens Dam where the water level was so low, it is unimaginable that water could ever get high enough to flow over it. On top of the levee, however, the wind was flowing with mighty power. One can see for hundreds of miles up there. 
    We also had a great time playing pickleball at a local rec center. We initially waited outside to play, then learned that there were three indoor courts. We bolted for those--much cooler out of the blazing AZ sun. 
    Our roaming took us to Snowflake Smokehouse Bar where our two Barbaras enjoyed "Barbie margaritas" and two others enjoyed "Shark Tank margaritas." The Barbie drinks were pink (duh!). The Shark Tank drinks had shark-shaped gummies in them. What a creative bartender! She was so much fun!
    Our chefs of the evening made us a fabulous steak, baked potato, salad, corn and garlic bread supper. We finished off the day chilling to a movie. 
    I did get to swim this morning!!

We were on top of the dam...
the water is WAY far below.

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