Thursday, July 20, 2023

July 20--Kindness is Heavenly

Kindness is in our power, even when fondness is not.  --Samuel Johnson

We can participate in heaven by living in harmony and respect with all of creation or in hell by bringing greed, selfishness, and disease upon the whole earth. 
--Carol J. Gallagher

    Seven women are together for two weeks in a lovely three-bedroom home. We have golf and game-playing in common. Personalities are strong, all of us being seniors with plenty of life experience. Some have lost their husbands within the past few years. Let's just say that "fondness" can be tested with us out of our usual environment and routines. Kindness rules, however. 
    We played our first round of golf yesterday at Bison Golf Course. It is a lovely, not-terribly-hard course through a pine forest. The temps were over 90 degrees, so the bountiful shade was extremely welcome. I am this group's worst golfer by far in terms of handicap, but I got lucky and won low net. Now they are all mad at me 😉😉 We enjoyed a beer while our scorekeepers figured out who won what. I don't understand the games, I just hand over quarters and dollars as instructed. I did, however, win $5 for the low net, woohoo.
    We had a lovely post-golf meal at Buffalo Bill's Tavern where I had two life-size bison staring over my shoulder (photo below). 
    More fun and games ahead,

One of the lovely holes at Bison Golf Course

A welcome early supper after a HOT 
day on the course

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