Thursday, February 9, 2023

February 9--Mountains of Love in Return

Give a little love to a child, and you get a great deal back.  --John Ruskin

    The two best and favorite things I did for my sons (and me!) were to read aloud to them every night for years and to teach them to play golf. Both have a love of reading and great curiosity to this day. And my most favorite thing to do is play golf with them. I get much more back than I have ever given. 
    My new grandson, already close to six months old--every single smile is a heart-melter. He is at that glorious age where goofy sounds and funny faces make him light up. I can hardly wait to explore the world with him and see things anew through his eyes!
    On a side note, my first week of tax work is complete (yes, Wednesday = Friday for me). After all these years of working, I finally have a corner office with a window. It's a tiny office, yes, but still my own space with a door. They did not have an Excel license for me on Monday, but I had it Tuesday morning when I arrived. My boss was so happy with all I completed in two days that she has begged me to work more hours. This makes me smile. I said "maybe," that I would consider it after an upcoming trip. I like Wednesday = Friday! I was quite anxious going into this gig, so I'm tickled that this first three days have gone so well. 
    Below is today's Astronomy Picture of the Day, nacreous clouds over Lapland--too beautiful not to share. 
    Life is good!

Our Mother is amazing!!!

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