Tuesday, February 21, 2023

February 21--Four Mothers

A mother is a story with no beginning. That is what defines her. 
--Meghan O'Rourke

    This mother is on a road trip, and now enjoying a stay at the home of a friend in Florida. This is my view: 

About a mile beyond those trees is the Gulf of Mexico. Though the morning is breezy and cool, the pool water is warm, and I will soon be in it. 
    Yesterday's journey of 300+ miles was broken up by a round of golf at Lagoon Park near Montgomery, Alabama. I'm tickled to get my first round of the year played in February! The course is mostly flat, fairly soggy and loaded with mature trees. We had fun! 
    Now I am having massive girl fun with three other mothers. I ponder that we grew up in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Florida and Kansas, and here we are, celebrating life and love together. I guess we fulfill the quote nicely. 
    Ready for a dip!
NOT a golf course in Kansas!

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