Friday, February 10, 2023

February 10--My Dad

What is a family, after all, except memories?--haphazard and precious as the contents of a catchall drawer in the kitchen.  --Joyce Carol Oates

    We have a couple (several!?!?) catchall drawers in our kitchen/dining area, and I'd say my family is a lot more precious than those contents!
    The thought of memories this morning leads me to my dad. Even though he passed in 2000, I still miss him every day. He spent countless hours teaching me to swim at Whipple Dam State Park in central Pennsylvania. The family business was a sawmill across the road and through the woods from our house. Dad walked to work on a well-worn path, and used it each day to come home for Campbell's soup for lunch. I walked that path many a time. To this day, the smell of sawdust brings tears to my eyes because that was how my dad smelled. My dad drove the truck delivering lumber orders, and when I wasn't in school, I was in the lumber truck with him. Somehow after each delivery we ended up at a favorite ice cream stand. 😉😉 My dad taught me finances and generosity. He tried to teach me tennis (he was an excellent athlete in his youth), but I wasn't very good at that. Once I reached the "doing chores" age, after supper it was me washing the dishes and Dad drying them. We spent many hours at the kitchen sink together. He taught me all I know about football. I remember watching the first few Super Bowls with him. Though my mom was a dedicated church-goer, my dad never went--another way I have become like him 😏 It was devastating to see him slip into stroke-induced dementia. His last amazing act was to transition on the same day Mom did, September 24, 21 years after her. 
    Very precious memories!

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Photo from the park's website...
yes, it's that beautiful!!

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