Thursday, February 2, 2023

February 2--Growing More Love

Families are ecosystems. Each life grows in response to the lives around it. 
--Mary Schmich

    YIPPEE!!!!! I'm headed to Colorado to see my grandson! Oh yes, and my sons and daughter-in-law, too. Our family ecosystem has changed dramatically with the arrival of the little one, and I'm so excited to see how he's growing. At almost 20 pounds, I'll get my workout carrying him around. Smiles and giggles to come!
    Speaking of little ones, I feel like mentioning Barney, our dog. He has adapted to our ecosystem in a fabulous way. My husband has trained him to come and notify me when lunch or dinner is ready. He has grown into a brave defender of our home, and he's most relaxed when he has both of us herded into one room. He loves to romp with extended family dogs Dusty and Tilly when we visit Colorado. 
    On the road again...

Sweet Barney, enjoying our ecosystem...

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