Friday, February 24, 2023

February 24--Making Family Memories

Sticking with your family is what makes it a family.  --Mitch Albom

    You have to love a vacation when each day keeps getting better than the previous one. My three soul sisters and I are creating a very awesome family. 
    Yesterday four of us played 18 holes at Riviera Country Club. It's a very woman-friendly course, the weather was perfect, and we had a great time. Oh, yes, loads of laughter. But no alligators. This fulfilled one of my "bucket list" items. 
    After an assorted-snack lunch, we drove to Barberville and enjoyed the Yard Art Emporium there. Photos cannot do it justice. It's overwhelming, beautiful, crazy (photos below). You can get a full-size dinosaur or a full-size Virgin Mary. I bought three suns to hang on our garden fence, plus a couple gifts. Then our host took us on a scenic drive, where we marveled at a 2000-year-old live oak. Yes, two thousand. Then we drove along the ocean, saw lots of million-dollar homes, and stuck our feet in the Atlantic Ocean. The water was not as cold as expected. 
    The evening... squeal!! Our host's daughter surprised him by coming from Amsterdam for his 70th birthday. We were able to keep it a surprise, yippee!! Wild celebration and family joy ensued. 
    Today three of us head to Savannah, leaving one of our soul sisters at home in Florida (😀😞)
    Is it possible to have too much fun!?!?!

Looking up the 2000 year old live oak

Don't you want one in your garden?

I did not hit a ball into THAT pond.

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