Monday, February 13, 2023

February 13--The Joy of Children

What can we make of the inexpressible joy of children? It is a kind of gratitude. 
--Annie Dillard

    My 6-month-old grandson is an inexpressible joy to me. I look at his pictures in wonder at this perfect human body formed in about nine months from two tiny seeds. His "big kid" dad is really good at getting smiles out of him with goofy noises and faces. Everything is new and interesting. It is a thing of beauty to explore the world through a child's eyes. 
    Our eight-home court has a mixture of older couples and young families. I love a warm day when the neighbor children get out and play with the latest ball or trike or gadget. It's all just plain fun without a care in the world. Maybe we adults would be better off if we adopted that mode of operation!

Little ones at the beach...
does it get any better?

Way to go, Chiefs!!

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