Saturday, February 25, 2023

February 25--Interesting, But No Ghosts

We must take care of our families wherever we find them.  --Elizabeth Gilbert

    We are now in Savannah. We went on a ghost and pub tour last night. There was some interesting history, and we had some great key-lime-flavored shots. We did not see any ghosts. The "story" of the tour for us was that a very high/drunk bridal party latched onto us and told us their life stories and made us their new best friends. They were a beautiful bunch of girls, and it was quite a hoot. 
    The hotel, in some mysterious way that no one could figure out, messed up our reservation and cancelled one of our rooms. The three of us stayed in one room last night, thankfully with two queen beds. Our travel agent managed to get the second room back for tonight and Sunday. 
    I think we'll be doing the hop-on/hop-off trolley today. I'm excited to see the many beautiful squares in the daylight. 
    Up and moving,

Bradley Lock & Key Shop--
the oldest still-operating 
business in Savannah

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