Saturday, February 18, 2023

February 18--Eat and Be Happy

After a good dinner, one can forgive anybody, even one's own relations. 
--Oscar Wilde

    This quote inspired in me a sarcastic snort, I suspect in the spirit it was meant. I think back to holiday dinners growing up. With an overflowing table of fabulous food, we stuffed ourselves, waddled away to the couch, then came back for more much too soon. Everyone mostly got along because we were all in a food coma. Eating was a competitive sport in my family of origin. 
    On a different note--today I leave on vacation to parts south and east. After many a cold winter doing taxes, my friend and I are finally going somewhere warm in the winter, as we discussed over many an annoying tax return. Lots of golf, girlfriend fun and sight-seeing are ahead. 
    On the road again!

Savannah--one of our destinations

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