Friday, July 8, 2022

July 8--Trippin'

It's great to arrive, but the trip's most always most of the fun.  --Malcolm Forbes

    I offer some random disjointed thoughts...
    These are trip-relevant definitions: a trip with children and/or pets is an adventure; a trip without kids/pets is a vacation. I do have to say that my recent 4,600+ mile trip was most fun in the arrivals, but the trip, i.e. driving, was not bad. Driving was the only way to accomplish what I had chosen to do. I couldn't have done it by flying. 
    I remember on road trips when the kids were young that it felt like we had to stop at every rest stop along the way. They seemed determined to see every toilet on the route. Now my husband and I are older and our bladders make us stop almost that often! 
    What is "arrival" anyway? There are stopping points, but we keep moving on, even in the transition known as death. It's one big long (hopefully!) life trip here on earth, in the midst of an eternal journey. 
    I like to listen to podcasts or audiobooks when I'm driving long distances. They keep me engaged and awake and seem to make the time pass so much faster. Invariably, I learn something from each one, which makes the trip even more rewarding. 
    As a general rule, I don't care to go to the same destination twice, because there is so much to see on our huge Earth home. I have made exceptions to my rule, and there is usually a beach involved. I've been to the eastern shore several times, to Mexico twice, and I'll be returning to Jamaica this December. To be in ocean, sun and sand is an arrival spot of which I doubt I shall ever tire. 
Ocean City, Maryland, view from the condo

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