Saturday, July 23, 2022

July 23--Startling Potential

To live is so startling, it leaves but little room for other occupations. 
--Emily Dickinson

    How about we turn our startling lives into ones that are love-based rather than fear-based? New energy is integrating and expanding in our world. The ugliness we are witnessing today is the old energy dying but "kicking and screaming" with all its might.
    Here are  relevant words from Lee Carroll:
The old-energy spirituality actually wants structure and feels uncomfortable and threatened with the changes at hand.

It fights to retain old concepts that say spirituality must have punishment as part of its core, that evil must exist to balance love, that Humans are worthless and must find a higher source to worship, thereby giving them strength, and that spiritual truth requires a hierarchy of organized men and women, buildings, texts, and a long lineage of "do’s and don’ts" to live by.

The new-energy spirituality is indeed very different. It opens by stating that "we are God." It tells us that the only structure we need is inside, and that it’s all there for the finding.

It speaks of a plan where a fear-based existence grounded around eventual punishment is instead replaced by an awakening to self-responsibility—a responsibility that enhances wisdom and that creates morality from within.

Replacing fear of punishment is the joy of creating Divine purpose.

This new-energy philosophy also creates self-esteem and a joy-filled existence. It is self-regulated, without all the trappings of organization, buildings, rules, or priests. It honors the God within, and claims that the very essence of God is available there—all the "do’s and don’ts"—and that all the spiritual strength is inside.
    We surely would be startled if we knew our full potential,
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