Monday, July 25, 2022

July 25--Homeward Bound

When shall we live if not now?  --M. F. K. Fisher

No one need starve. There is enough land and enough food. No one need die of thirst. There is enough water. No one need live without mercy. There is no end to grace. And we are all instruments of grace. The more we give it, the more we share it, the more we use it, the more God makes. There is no scarcity of love. There is plenty. And always more.  --Rachel and Rosemarie Freeney Harding

    There is a desire, and the fulfillment of that desire, and the space in between those two things. I'm in that space at the moment, and my controlling mind wants details relative to how that desire shall be fulfilled. It is a time of angst for me. Here's the desire, using my best ability to keep it simple and stay out of the "hows": I'd like to have a place in the Fort Collins area where I could reside one or two weeks a month so that I can be as close as possible to the grandbaby. I have no desire to purchase a property as real estate in the area is ridiculously expensive, and I do not want to put my name on another mortgage in this lifetime. Having a pet complicates things, because when my husband and I are both using the space, we would have Barney with us. The angst comes in with a) this will obviously cost a good chunk of money (rent); b) is this even a reasonable desire? c) the baby will only be a baby for a short time, and I don't want to miss that; d) I'm very healthy, but who knows how long I'll be on the planet--I've waited a long time to be Grammie, and I want to make the most of it. 
    When shall we live if not now? I've recruited my son, an excellent manifester, to help with this. He wants us involved with the baby a lot, but it just won't work to stay in their home for extended time. He has a friend who is creating a studio apartment above his detached garage, and it will be ready mid-August. The friend has offered us a trial of the above idea, complete with an OK for the dog, and then we'll see where things may develop from there. The place will also be used for the visits of the friend's mother, and possibly airbnb at other times. All schedules are flexible.
    This is potentially a very simple, timely and easy fulfillment of my desire. This is encouraging me to drop any and all angst and KNOW that my "team" in the Universe is going gang-busters to fulfill this desire, one that is totally based in love. 
    Stay tuned,
        Leta, heading back to Wichita today...

Early morning CO rainbow, photo by my daughter-in-law
(Is that a good omen or what!?!!)

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