Tuesday, July 12, 2022

July 12--Focused on Love

We love because it is the only true adventure.  --Nikki Giovanni

    I've said many times that I could easily be a hermit. I know deep down that this is because I would not have to deal with the messiness of relationships, especially my codependent and people-pleasing tendencies. But I also know deep down that what I value most in life is due to love--family, friends, home, my dog Barney, creative work, fun hobbies. 
    Here's a challenging adventure... Richard Rohr, in his Daily Meditation from yesterday, reminds us: There is nothing to be against. Just keep concentrating on the Big Thing you are for!  There is so much in the world that I don't like, and it's easy to focus on that. It is a much bigger challenge to stay focused on love, the presence of Spirit in and through everyone and everything. We want love to expand, not antagonism and violence, so it behooves us to stay centered in love. 
    Consciousness matters.

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