Friday, July 15, 2022

July 15--Go and Do!

Adventure is worthwhile in itself.  --Amelia Earhart

    I have been watching a Netflix series titled "UnXplained" about all sorts of things that we humans don't yet understand. There are very many, including the human brain and consciousness. The first item in the "Bizarre Rituals" episode is fire walking. Yes, that's walking across a six-foot-long stretch of burning hot coals. Of course, the question was how can that be done without getting burned. I certainly don't know, but I have fire walked probably a dozen times without so much as a blister. It's a mind-over-matter thing, which really puts the scientists into a tizzy. I offer much gratitude toward spiritual giant, Edwene Gaines, for the opportunity to do such a "bizarre ritual" at her retreat center.  
    Ms. Earhart is presumed to have crashed and died in the Pacific Ocean as she attempted a flight around the world. But what if she didn't? What if she lived an anonymous life of wild adventure somewhere else on the planet?!?! 
    Have an adventure today!

Amelia Earhart

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