Wednesday, July 13, 2022

July 13--Have You Been Cavorting Lately?

Cavort, dear, just cavort.  --Carol Burnett

    I remember Carol Burnett being quite good at cavorting. Merriam-Webster gives these definitions of cavort: 1) to leap or dance about in a lively manner or 2) to engage in extravagant behavior. 
    If you were to spend some time today cavorting, what would that look like for you? Leaping is pretty much out for me due to a titanium hip joint and general lack of desire. Dancing I can do, especially since it will be just me and Barney (dog) hanging out at home. Barney looks at me like I'm goofy when I dance, but that only makes me laugh. My singing makes him move to another level of the house. I'm also in the middle of a big de-cluttering project, which is for me very extravagant behavior. 
    Consider adding a little cavorting into your day!

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