Friday, October 8, 2021

October 8--Do/Love/Hope

The grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.  --Alexander Chalmers

    I love what I do. Teaching, coaching, bookkeeping, tax prep--all these things use my skills well, and I love the variety in my work and schedule. I love to travel, play golf, swim, walk my doggie and nap.
    I have loads of love in my life. I have been blessed with an awesome husband, two great sons, and (so far) one awesome daughter-in-law (as of Oct 22 upcoming!). There are lots of extended family and friends who brighten my life. And there's Barney--there's nothing like a dog to fill the love cup to overflowing!
    I have a lot of hope, too. I love my life, and hope that it continues for quite some time. I have great hope for one or more grandchildren! I hope to travel a lot more, and to complete my "every MLB stadium" quest. I have hope that upcoming generations will live and express our common humanity in a more kind and loving way, and care for our Mother Earth with much greater respect and appreciation. 
    I have all the "grand essentials," woohoo!

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