Thursday, October 28, 2021

October 28--What Are You Good At?

Anything you're good at contributes to happiness.  --Bertrand Russell

    The photo of the day with this quote is a spider web sparkling with dewdrops. I have seen such in my own garden, and each one is a stop-everything-and-be-in-awe event. You don't have to like spiders to appreciate what they can do. Their good web work contributes to their happiness and full bellies. 
    Notice that Mr. Russell uses the word "good." He did not say anything you're great at or perfect at. Willingness to learn and try already makes one good at something. I'm gradually exploring different mediums of painting. I've gone from "hell, no way can I paint anything except a wall" to "I'll try it." Over the course of exploration, I found within a love of straight lines and I began painting barn quilts. I'm good at that, and doing such gave me many hours of happiness during the pandemic lock-down. 
    It is, for me, the willingness to open myself to the flow of Spirit through me that makes me good at something (such as writing). That vibrant energy flow is definitely a source of happiness. I would add that the determination of "good at" is a personal decision, and has absolutely nothing to do with anyone else's opinion!
    Good at straight lines, 

A traditional barn quilt

When I went for it with no pattern...
my favorite artwork to date (11:11)

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