Saturday, October 23, 2021

October 23--The WEDDING

Health is the finest possession. Contentment is the ultimate wealth. Trustworthy people are the best relatives. Unbinding is the supreme ease.  --Buddha

    The wedding celebration was perfect in every way. The weather and fall colors were spectacular. Dear friends and family traveled from all over the country to join in the fun. I am delighted to "join forces" with the Brennan family, all excellent folks. There were LOTS of tears of joy, and not just from me. The two dads performed four comical love songs at the reception--we were able to keep it a surprise for the couple, and everyone loved it. I was so nervous that I would cry through the mother-son dance (to Van Morrison's "Days Like This"), but I didn't. It was a priceless three minutes. I love my daughter-in-law with all my heart, and I am excited to get to know her even better as the years pass.
    It was all an extraordinary example of health, contentment, trust and releasing what has been and opening to the new good that life has to offer. Right on, Buddha!
    Love is overflowing!

The groom and I

The happy couple

Site of the ceremony

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