Thursday, October 7, 2021

October 7--Money = Happy ==> Nope!

Anybody who thinks money will make you happy hasn't got money. 
--David Geffen

    My first reading of this quote made me laugh, but it's right on. Geffen should know--he's got money, lots and lots of it--in numbers that I can't even comprehend. 
    Living in the state of Kansas, which is fundamentally owned by the billionaire Kochs, (I'm not being facetious), I often wonder how much is enough for the very wealthy. The drive to have more, control more, seems insatiable, an obsession of epic proportions. Success demands more success. That kind of wealth requires a whole staff to figure out what to do with the money so that taxes can be avoided. Money seems able to buy the privilege without the responsibility. Our consumerism/materialistic society is failing miserably, with the wealthy few seeking to keep the rest of us "dumb, sick and poor," i.e. easily manipulated. 
    Money is a very messy subject. There is a lot of emotion around money. We worry if we'll have enough to last our lifetime. It can be a giant source of conflict in relationships. Too little money is just as difficult as too much (Geffen). Money buys power, which is seldom used to the advantage of all. It is an addictive substance, just like alcohol, food, drugs. Wise money management is a skill too few learn. I am grateful to my dad for giving me a good understanding of finances, and for his example of generosity, using money wisely for good. 
    Happy with enough,

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