Saturday, September 30, 2023

September 30--Ideal Day

You cannot live when you are untouchable. Life is vulnerability. 
--Edouard Boubat

    There are some days wherein I would like to just hide out in the woman cave forever. The desire to isolate is common among addicts. Isolation is a vulnerability in itself. 
    Rev. Suellen Miller from OKC offers these thoughts relative to living an "ideal day":
In this morning's reading from A Daily Dose of Sanity by Alan Cohen, he talks about creating a story about your ideal day. One woman created a great story where at the end of the day, she is riding to a concert with her husband in a big limousine so he can stretch out his arthritic legs. Cohen asked her why she would put arthritis in her ideal day? He suggested that perhaps she could change the condition by not continuing to imagine it.

He says: "Be careful to build your intended experience upon your vision, rather than building your visions upon your experience. It is tempting to gauge what could be based on what has been, but that only perpetuates what has been. Your history is not your destiny.

"If you have had a health challenge, a dysfunctional relationship, financial distress, or emotional pain for a long time, you can improve your situation by not including it in your plans. Abraham-Hicks teaches that every moment is changing to something new if you let it. If you are still getting what you have been getting, it is because you keep focusing on what was, so the new moment keeps changing back to replicate the old one. In any moment you can change to something new, not old. So if you are going to ride in a limo to the opera, stretch out your legs because it feels good, not because you have arthritis."

I suspect that most of us are so used to the unwanted condition that instead of visualizing it as not there at all, we tend to visualize it getting a little bit better. Of course, this still includes the unwanted condition.

In my ideal day, I can envision my wallet as being full, my body as healthy, my job as fulfilling, my relationships as exciting. I can visualize health, wealth, success, happiness, fulfillment, joy and love.
    This is a considerably more pleasant way to be vulnerable!

From an acrylic pouring workshop
I took at City Arts in Wichita

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