Tuesday, September 19, 2023

September 19--Happy Birthday!!!

We need never be ashamed of our tears.  --Charles Dickens

    Two awesome women were born on this day, one in 1943 and one in 1963, which makes them reaching the milestones of 80 and 60. To protect their "innocence," I shall refer to them as 80 and 60. 
    80 and I have been friends for decades. I believe it was one of those "we've known each other before" instant connections. We have done many a road trip together, enjoying Costa Rica, Mexico and numerous domestic destinations. We have shared and supported each other through decades of recovery and personal growth. We have been on retreats together. We have both jumped out of a perfectly good airplane. We are such good friends, I can sleep through her snoring and she can sleep through mine. We have cried on each other often, and vented a multitude of frustrations. No subject is off limits. 80 is the first person I turn to for prayer support, and vice versa. 80 is love incarnate, and I cannot (nor do I care to) ever imagine my life without 80 in it. Thank you, dear friend!
    60 is my older brother's only daughter, therefore, my niece. I was just shy of 8 years old when she was born. We are more like sisters than aunt-niece. She lives in Ohio, I live in Kansas. She is responsible for several of my trips to the east-coast beaches--many a glorious day has been spent near the ocean with her extended family and friends. She has an excellent bunch of friends that she has shared with me. On our most recent beach trip, I taught her how to play Rummikub, and she has become a willing and vicious competitor. She is the primary care-person for her dad (my brother with numerous health issues), and she is a high-school math teacher, too, so her life is busy and stressful, but she is a badass. She is also the mother of three wonderful sons. We talk about anything and everything, and we love just hanging out together. I can hardly wait till she retires so that we can share more adventures. Thank you, my badass niece!
    80 and 60, you are blessings in my life! I LOVE YOU!!

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